It is not uncommon that during driving your way, a mechanical failure or a puncture forces you to stop the car on the shoulder. Do not worry. You know that with a phone call and thanks to the roadside assistance services (NHAI authorities could be reached by dialing 1033 in all tolled highways) the problem is solved. But there is something else – your vehicle becomes an obstacle for the rest of the road users.  

A still from 1997 movie “Breakdown”
Steps to take in case of a car breakdown on a busy highway
  1. In any circumstance the first thing to do is to remove the car from the road as far as possible from the asphalt.
  2. If you are involved in an accident or you just find one, keep calm. Stop your vehicle so that it does not create a new danger to the circulation, off the road. Do not forget to ensure the immobilization of the car or cars involved in the accident. To prevent fires from occurring, cut off the ignition of the damaged vehicles and put the hand brake.
  3. If the incident has occurred on a two-way road, you have to signal the car with the danger triangles. One must be placed in front of the vehicle and another behind, at least 50 meters away from the car. So that they are visible to drivers approaching from at least 100 meters. It must warn both the cars that come from the front and those that come in the same direction.
  4. In addition to placing the triangles of danger signalling, you must put the Safety lights or ‘Warning beacon’. You can use Emergency Beacon such as CARE-FLARE by placing it on the roof of the car. This will be visible upto 2000 meters.
  5. It is very important to bring emergency phone numbers in the car: from the official service of your car brand, from the insurance company, from motor vehicle assistance companies. Do not hesitate to call the Police or dial emergency number for help. It is about removing the damaged vehicle as soon as possible from the vehicle.
  6. If you have purchased a Roadside Assistance (RSA) plan, you can call the company to send help to you. Until the help arrives, make sure you stay with the car and once the RSA team arrives, explain the problem to resolve it.