CARE-FLARE® is a new and innovative LED safety light. It is characterized by very safe stability and quick readiness for use.

Safety Beacon

CARE-FLARE® – Warning lights reinvented – CARE-FLARE® is a new and innovative LED safety light. It is characterized by very safe stability and quick readiness for use. The light is available with different light colors and the different light intervals can be adjusted in the simplest way. CARE-FLARE® is an extremely robust safety product with low operating costs.

CARE-FLARE is the perfect solution to draw attention to a wide range of hazardous situations and to warn in an effective, safe and user-friendly way. CARE-FLARE’s unique design ensures simplicity, durability, reliability, ease of use, thus providing first responders, rescuers and professionals with more safety at the scene in an environment with increased protection requirements.



✓ CARE-FLARE Works Reliably Even In The Most Volatile Conditions.

✓ Elevation Ensures Maximum Visibility Even On Hilly Roads.

✓ CE / RoHS Certified And Patented



✓ IP 67 Tested (Dust-Proof And Waterproof).

✓ 360° Visibility And 140° Directional Luminosity.

✓ 5 Year Warranty.



✓ CARE-FLARE’s Bright Light Output Is Visible From Over 2000 Meters Away.

✓ CARE-FLARE Can Operate For 70+ Hours Without Battery Replacement.



✓ Simple Settings That Are Easy To Activate.

✓ Multiple Flashing Modes And Colors

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Frequently Asked

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Use of Care-Flare can potentially avoid fire accidents since combustible flare are considered fire hazard. Care-Flare assure performance is most volatile weather possible. Its weather-sealed housing is composed of aluminum and plastic helps to ensure a durable and long-lasting product.

Care-Flare comes with replaceable batteries which can last as much as 70 hours without needing replacement.

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The top where the LED and switch reside is made up of tough poly-carbonate along with aluminum housing at bottom with a IP67 certified tight housing guarantees performance.

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