Rigloo Emergency Medical Shelter is a facility set up to provide medical care and temporary accommodation for individuals. It is crucial in ensuring that those who are injured or in need of medical attention receive the necessary care.


Medical Care and Triage

One of the primary purposes of Rigloo Emergency Medical Shelter is to provide immediate medical care to individuals who have been injured or affected by the emergency. Trained medical personnel can offer first aid, stabilize more serious injuries, and provide initial treatment until individuals can be transported to more advanced medical facilities if needed. Rigloo EMS also serve as a triage point to assess the severity of injuries and prioritize treatment.


Temporary Accommodation

Rigloo EMS provide a safe and secure place for individuals. These shelters offer temporary accommodation until the help arrives


Protection from the Elements

In many emergencies, people may be exposed to harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, or other environmental hazards. Rigloo EMS offer protection from these elements, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals.


Psychological Support

Pain due to injury can be emotionally and psychologically distressing. Rigloo EMS provide psychological support to help individuals cope with the trauma and stress associated with the injury.


Overall, Rigloo Emergency Medical Shelters are versatile facilities that cater to various needs during times of medical emergency and rescue operation. Rigloo EMS play a critical role in addressing the immediate and ongoing challenges faced by individuals affected by unseen emergencies.

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