Rigloo is an inflatable deployable emergency shelter. Rigloo shelters rapidly deploy to provide warmth and comfort to both casualty and crew.

Rigloo Shelters

RIGLOO protective shelters are ideal for supporting patients during first responder assessment, providing a protective and controllable environment that shields unwanted attention from passersby and creates an immediate space for field care, as well as protecting against environmental factors.

RIGLOO prevents rescuers from having to resort to camping equipment in emergency situations or improvise a solution with whatever is at hand. RIGLOO designs protective shelters for first responders and rescue workers in almost any situation.  The goal is to provide supportive and professional tools for situations where quick and easy set-up and tear-down, privacy/visibility, a physical barrier, or another option for the incident commander is required.



✓ RIGLOO shelters are quick to set up and reuse. On average, the shelters are ready for use in one minute.

✓ The RIGLOO protective shelters is easy to carry, inflate and operate. For this reason it can also be used by untrained operator.



✓ RIGLOO shelters are robust, durable and waterproof. Operating range from -50 Celsius to +60 Celius. SPF light protection factor 30.

RIGLOO protective shelters are equipped with air flow controls and mosquito nets. Therefore, operations in different climatic zones are naturally part of the repertoire of a RIGLOO solution.



✓ RIGLOO protective shelters allow rescuers a high degree of freedom of movement. A stretcher can be easily accommodated in the RIGLOO protective shelters.

✓ With its removable floor, RIGLOO protective shelters can be placed over the casualty.



✓ Loops and pockets for holding or hanging saline, blood bags and accessories are always provided on RIGLOO protective shelters.

✓ RIGLOO protective shelters are designed to be carried or stored in a bag or backpack. RIGLOO shelters weigh 8 kg including pump.

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